It's time to
learn how to
love yourself

Salam, I'm Soumaya

I’m a certified Life Coach who helps Muslim women love themselves, practice self-compassion and find peace within so they can reconnect with their Creator and their authentic selves.

I struggled with my self-esteem, confidence and spirituality for years until I discovered inner work and coaching. Working on healing within has been so life changing for me and my loved ones that Ive decided to share what I’ve learnt with you.

I want you to experience the same kind of mindset shift I have so you can finally live purposefully and filled with contentment.

What My Clients Say About Working With Me


Working with Soumaya is probably one of the most courageous and amazing thing I’ve done for myself… Before Soumaya, my mind and emotions were a mess! She helped me untangle everything and made it all seem so simple! I can’t thank her enough… May God bless her soul.


The sessions helped me understand and undercover certain things about myself. I’ve learnt to be mindful of what I say to myself.

I’ve been able to grow my decision making skills as well as identity and break certain bad habits.

I definitely recommend Soumaya to others, these sessions were extremely helpful and life changing.


Soumaya helped me to shift the focus back to me. To hold myself accountable and be more solution oriented. I can better manage and cope with daily life stress and am setting goals for myself. 

I see myself in a different light and feel love for the person who felt so lost and despaired. I highly recommend life coaching with Soumaya. She has a very special way of guiding and understands a host of cultural and other intersectional nuances that you just don’t get with other coaches.

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