6 tips to maximise the last days of Ramadan at home

Salamaalaykoum beautiful, I hope you’re doing well this week.

SubhanaAllah, we’ve already reached the third part of Ramadan! Many of us might feel depleted because we haven’t reached our goals but alhamdullilah there still is time to make the most of this month.

And today I wanted to share some tips on how you can do that. If you don’t feel like reading this long email, you can also watch my Youtube video on the same topic here.

1. Renew your intentions

Why is it so important for you to stand in prayer at night? What do you want to get from it? Reset your intentions daily during the last days because “Actions are by their intentions!”. No matter how much you do this month, if it’s for the wrong reasons, it’s not worth anything so make sure it’s done for the sake of Allah.

This will also allow you to stand in prayer and engage in worship with more conviction and motivation.

2. Write a list of your bad habits

Write a list of bad habits you want to give up on, not only during Ramadan but also after. That will help bring more awareness to those acts and will make it easier to avoid them during those sacred nights.

On my own list, the main thing I want to abstain from is wasting time and that includes on social media or in idle talk. That’s why I’ve deleted instagram, facebook and Gmail from my phone last week and I’m already LOVING the freedom it has given me!

3. Set up a nice worship area

I’ve moved my prayer mat to my living room which is my favourite area in my apartment. Around it is my tasbih, the Quran and the books I want to be immersed in during these 10 days. I also have candles and bukhoor to add to the ambiance and make it cosy and pleasant.

This really makes it more appealing to engage in worship and it feels like I’m entering a sacred space that deserves my full attention.

Maybe you could do that too, even if it’s in a small corner of your room.

4. Make the night come to life

Just like the Prophet (saw) used to do at this time of the month, try your best to engage in more worship at night. Personally, I’ve taken these 10 days off work, or at least off coaching calls with my clients so I can stay up all night on most days.

To make this work, I take cold showers and drink Yerba Mate which is a natural plant that helps fight fatigue.

I also make sure I’m taking breaks and moving my body in between acts of worship!

5. Have a clear schedule of activities

It’s great to plan on staying awake part of the night, but if you don’t have an idea of what you’ll be doing with your time, it’s going to be tricky to stay up. That’s why it’s best to write a concrete schedule of what you’ll be doing and when.

My schedule is a mix of the following activities:

  • Qiyyam ‘ul layl
  • Recite the Quran
  • Dua: I have a list ready that includes personal duas and prophetic ones
  • Dhikr
  • Reading: Tafseer of the last Juz, The Book of Assistance, Secrets of Divine love
  • Watch islamic Lectures


These nights are the best to give charity! During Laylatul Qadr, the reward of any good deed is equivalent to having performed that deed for 83 years! Can you imagine? How generous Allah is alhamdullilah.

There’s a great way to automate your donation, it’s the website My ten nights, which will spread it throughout the 10 last nights without you having to do anything.

Also, consider donating to Charity Right to support children in need of nutritious meals and education here.

That’s it for this week!

I pray that Allah accept our good deeds and forgives our sins, may you have a blessed end of the month my love. Ameen

Take care of yourself.


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