Nothing happens by mistake

There’s a reason why you’re here. Just like there’s a reason I do the work I do. I struggled with depression most of my adult life and couldn’t find a roadmap on how to heal. It led me to completely losing myself, while trying to make sense of the pain I was going through. 

Losing myself meant losing my faith, giving up on my marriage, being separated from my daughter for more than a year, not having a roof over my head nor money to survive… I’ll skip the details but I had all the reasons to completely give up on life. And for a while, I did to be honest…

I held on to anger and resentment, I blamed others for my mistakes and got stuck in a victim narrative for years. Until I reached rock bottom and couldn’t do anything else but beg Allah to forgive me and show me a way out of my misery.

In His immense generosity, He sent me mentors who told me what I needed to hear with honesty and compassion and helped me get out of the hole I had dug for myself. I discovered what healing on a deeper level meant and started a journey to find the answers to my questions within me and my spirituality.

It wasn’t easy. It took courage, resilience and vulnerability to look within with honesty but once I realised I was in charge of creating a life of contentment and joy for myself, coming back to a meaningless life was impossible. I worked day and night to rebuild a healthy relationship with myself and with my Creator. 

I learnt what real self-love was, away from what society had been trying to tell me it was in order to push me to consumption. I reconnected with the child within me who many times was hurt but unheard. I finally let go of sadness and anger and brought back laughter and passion in my life. 

I got closer and closer to my Lord and found the purpose He created me for: helping you find your way back to your true self and divine purpose through self-love and compassion.