It’s been a minute…

Salamaalaykoum beautiful,

Today marks exactly 1 month since The Healed Sisterhood has started. I went M.I.A after the group kicked off because the launch was hectic. I needed to take some time to rest and be fully present for the group members.

But I want to take some time to thank all those of you who have joined the 5 day journaling challenge we did on Instagram and those who have applied for The Healed Sisterhood.

In a nutshell, behind The Healed Sisterhood’s launch there was:

  • 250 application forms filled
  • 50 calls booked with applicants
  • 20 women selected to be part of the group

If I could, I would have jumped on the phone with everyone who sent a form!

Even if I didn’t personally talk to you, I want you to know that you are in my prayers and it means the world to me that you have trusted me with a bit of your story.

To thank you, I want to share some of the best resources I am currently using for my own personal development.


  • Will by Will Smith and Mark Manson, I was surprised at how much I have learnt about myself through Will Smith’s book. His life lessons turned into deep reflection sessions about my own childhood and lead me to have many breakthroughs. I’ll definitely read it again.
  • Secrets of Divine Love: The perfect way to prepare for Ramadhan for me is to read and re-read the chapter about fasting in A. Helwa’s book. She’s also created a journal to go with the book which I can’t wait to start (I bought it but forgot to pack it before traveling).
  • The Four hour work week: if you’re interested in retiring early and creating a life in which you LIVE more than you WORK, this book is for you! In it, Tim Ferriss lays the foundation on how to become what he call a New Rich: someone who generates passive income while making the most out of life.
  • Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey: if you’re trying to improve your productivity by reducing distractions and focusing more on your goals, this book will give you practical tips on exactly how to do that by also sharing the science behind the techniques


  • Johann Hari on How To Reclaim Your Attention with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee on the Happy mind, happy life Podcast. On the same topic as Hyperfocus, this episode blew my mind with the amount of valuable information it provided about attention span, focus and other unrelated topics! I rarely listen to long podcasts but I was hooked from the get go with this conversation.

That’s it for now my love, if you read or listen to any of the following resources, let me know what your thoughts are on them!

Ps: I really want to start creating Youtube videos, do you have any suggestions on the topics I should discuss to benefit you?

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