The Thriving Coach

The ultimate program to start your coaching program and win in this life and the next


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What is The Thriving Coach?

The Thriving Coach is THE online course that teaches aspiring Muslim coaches with beautiful intentions everything they need to know to start a successful life coaching business.

TTC provides a holistic approach and all the tools and support required to fast-track your growth – saving you years of expensive trial and error.

And while most of the courses out there only focus on teaching you how to make money, we teach you how to COACH POWERFULLY! Because we truly believe that is the most important component when choosing to be of service to others.

We have witnessed our previous trainees achieve their goals, gain so much experience and confidence within TTC and we can’t wait to support you too inshaAllah!

Just imagine a life filled with more...


You get to work at the hours that you want, wherever you want and in your terms. You pick the clients you want to work with, the dress code you want to adopt... You take time off whenever you want to spend it with your family, travel the world... THE DREAM


You don't have to rush to pray at the office anymore. In fact, you even go to the masjid for every single prayer now! You take Ramadan off fully or reduce your work hours. You go Umrah without having to ask your boss for permission. Your time and energy are spent on your connection with Allah


You're doing something that you love and that gives you an incredible sense of purpose. No more sweating to make someone else wealthy while your spiritual heart slowly dies. You feel ALIVE and EMPOWERED. You get to talk about the deen with your clients and support them in their growth

Hear from our trainees...

The Thriving Coach will...


Get you in the right mindset for long term success an an entrepreneur who has Allah in mind. No more self-doubt and procrastination, we will show you how to become confident and consistent


Give you access to a unique framework that has helped hundreds of Muslims heal their past and find inner peace, a method which is aligned to your islamic values


Push you to COACH, COACH and COACH as much as possible so that by the end of the program you have hours of experience under your belt and provide amazing transformation to your clients


Show you how to create your signature offer and sell it using the sales tools that allow us to make 5 figures each time we launch our programs


Provide you with a supportive community of Muslims on the same page as you and desiring to see you win in this life and the next


Give you the tools to grow a business that allow you to make a living and reclaim your time and energy

How does TTC work?

For 3 months we meet every Tuesday evening to cover the content of the program live. You also get:


"Whoever relieves a hardship for a believer in this world, Allah will relieve one of his hardships on the Day of Resurrection"

The Prophet ﷺ

Not Sure This is For You?

Do you have a question that isn’t answered on this page? You feel like joining but you’re not sure this program is for you? No problem! Book a call with a member of our team and we will answer all your questions and help you determine if The Thriving Coach is the best program for you inshaAllah

What is the content of the program?


TTC is in the process of getting the CPD accreditation which demonstrates the quality and value of our course and allows you to get credits once you complete your training and assessment

Is The Thriving Coach for me?

TTC is for aspiring muslim coaches who are tired of wasting time and energy in an occupation that doesn’t fulfil them and doesn’t serve their afterlife. 

If you have made the decision of being of service to the world and you’re wondering: Now WHAT? TTC will remove the paralysis and overwhelm that comes with starting a God centred coaching business by giving you the right foundations and all the tools you need to get started and grow!

  • Complete beginners in the coaching industry
  • Aspiring coaches in every field
  • Muslim women AND MEN (we want to see more brothers be supported!)
  • Stay at home parents
  • People in 9 to 5 jobs
  • And even ambitious youngsters (our youngest student was 19!)
  • You don’t want a faith based business
  • You’re looking for a “get rich quickly” type of program
  • You have already completed a holistic coaching certification

How do I pass the Assessment at the end of the program?

There is an assessment at the end of TTC to ensure that our standards remain high and only serious students obtain the THS Coach label. It is not mandatory to pass the exam but if you do you will be referenced as a THS coach on our website. 

Here is what is required to pass:

Complete the 3 months training:

You must attend at least 80% of the live sessions and watch the replays of those you missed.

Provide two recordings of 1:1 coaching sessions:

The team will assess two of your coaching calls with clients that we will help you find.

Host a group presentation:

On a topic of your choice with a Q&A and in front of the crowd of your choice (like your fellow trainees) for 15 to 30 minutes. We will watch the replay and assess your skills.

Can I see reviews from past TTC trainees?

Of course! You can read and watch the stories of our TTC graduates and see how diverse our groups are. 

The one thing our trainees all have in common: they want to strive in doing good for the sake of Allah. Get to know them and their journey to be inspired…

Who Teaches The Thriving Coach

Salamaalaykoum! I am Soumaya, the lead teacher at TTC. Back in 2020 Allah gave me the means to found The Healed Sister LTD and to certify as a Breakthrough and NLP Coach. After years of coaching hundreds of muslims using tools that are aligned with their faith, my mission is to empower you to create a career path that leads you to Jannah. When I started coaching there were no programs catered to muslim coaches and gathering knowledge about mindset, coaching skills and marketing. I had to get several courses to get where I am today which took a lot of time and effort.

Allah allowed me to create TTC so you can access everything I have learned in 4 years in only 3 months. I want your growth to be exponential thanks to our resources! And if you are wondering about the sustainability of this market: there is a real need for muslim wellness practitioners at the moment. In a study led by the Lantern Initiative about Muslim’s Mental Health, 84% of respondents mentioned Islam is a big part of their identity and they would like it to be part of the counselling they receive.

I truly believe that to be a strong Ummah we need to heal collectively so if you have what it takes to be an incredible coach and you know you are meant to accomplish great things for the sake of Allah, join TTC to get the knowledge and experience that will set you up for success.

Your Success Councelor - Sumiya

Sumiya (I know, another one!) is our amazing Client Success Councellor. With 4 years of experience as a CBT Therapist and two masters degrees in psychology and therapy, she is also a course facilitator within The Thriving Coach. 

Throughout your 3 months with us and after that, within the Alumni Group, she will support you, answer your questions and motivate you so you never lose the momentum to keep making progress and a positive impact.

Hear from our trainees...

What is the investment

payment plan

£ 375 / month
  • For 8 Months
  • Total investment: £3000

pay in full

£ 2800
  • Save £200
  • Get a fre 1:1 Mentoring Session with Soumaya!
Have a Question?


We will start the 16th of April 2024 inshaAllah but the doors to join close on the 31st of March

All the sessions are recorded and you get access to the recordings for life!

We are in the process of receiving a CPD accreditation and should receive it before the start of this cohort inshaAllah.

Yes! We know how much the Ummah needs male practionners and we recognise that all the tools we provide are adapted to both men and women so we are happy to have male trainees.

The Investment is of £3000 spread over 8 monthly payments of £375. If you want to pay in one payment just click here.

The program last 15 weeks so we should be done around June/July. After that you will be added to a FREE TTC Alumni group and will have life time access to the content of your cohort.

The deadline to submit your assessment material is 6 months after the end of your cohort which gives you plenty of time.

Some programs make big promises like “I’ll show you how to make 10k per month in 3 months!”, at TTC we’re all about growing halal wealth but we’re not going to pretend like our focus is on getting filthy rich. It’s on making a big impact while living making enough money to adopt the lifestyle you want. Allah is in charge of distributing your wealth, I’m not. I will give you the tools that allow me to make 5 figures when I launch my program and live a comfortable life but I won’t make empty promises with big numbers that don’t mean anything. If you care more about your legacy than your bank account, you are in the right place, Otherwise I wish you all the best and I’m sure you will find the right program for you!

You can book a call with a member of our team here to get your questions answered.