We don’t talk about this enough…

I’ll be honest with you I had a shitty week.

I’ve been having a lot of negative thoughts, procrastinating like crazy, spending a lot of money on nonsense and been skipping my workout sessions.

I don’t know about you but the times I feel really low always coincide with the days I’m menstruating and I’ve noticed something in myself and my clients when it comes to that:

We push ourselves to accomplish just as many tasks as if we were not bleeding!

Our body however, is on a completely different page. It wants to rest, to cry, to scream, to be alone, to eat wholesome food…

But we’re here, hysterically shouting at it:


Do you do that too ? And if that’s the case, can you see how ridiculous our expectations are when we’re in our winter phase? (my new elegant way of saying menstruating, thanks to Ustadha Iffet’s course on that topic)

It’s time we change that.

It’s time we learn to listen to our bodies.

It’s time we prioritise COMPASSION and SELF-CARE during that phase of our cycle.

Not our TO DO LIST.

So from now on , I invite you to reflect on how you take care of yourself during your periods.

Are you good at identifying and fulfilling your needs?

How is your inner dialogue when you hit snooze because you are exhausted?

What can you improve in order to align with your internal world?

I’ll let you reflect on those questions and hope that today’s email will help you be kinder to yourself.

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead inchaAllah!


PS: I’ve started posting videos on youtube! Check them out here, you might find something helpful and meant for you in them.

PPS: To add a good deed to your scale during this beautiful month, consider supporting a child in need with daily meals over here.


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