When the connection to Allah seems lost…


I often hear people say “I feel disconnected from Allah”. I was reflecting on that statement recently because I know too well what that feels like. A couple of years ago I really felt lost and disconnected spiritually.

In the midst of my reflections, I asked myself “What if it happened again? Would I know how to come back to a place where I feel His love and compassion enveloping me.

I came to a simple conclusion: when we feel disconnected from Him, the disconnect comes from us.

Allah is always there.

He is a constant source of love, provision, support, mercy. When the connection seems unstable, the issue stems from us.

We’re the ones who fail to make space for Him in our hearts.

Just like any relationship, the one we have with our Creator requires effort. And because it’s the most important relationship we’ll have in our life, maintaining it should be a priority but nowadays, it’s so easy to forget that and get carried away with worldly matters.

If you’ve felt disconnected for a while, it might look overwhelming to rekindle this special bond so let me give a simple exercise that will help inchaAllah:

Sit in front of your journal or a piece of paper and write a letter to Allah as if you were writing to a dear friend. Talk to Him about anything that crosses your mind, any struggles you’re facing, dreams you have, duas you want to see manifested… Let it all come to life on paper and don’t stop yourself until you feel like there’s nothing else to add.

Doing this always makes me feel supported and heard by Allah. It makes me want to talk to Him more and reminds me how much relief I get from seeking His divine help.

I hope you’ll give it a try, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey. If you do and it helps you somehow, feel free to let me know !

Remember me and my family in your duas during this blessed month,


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