Why I unfollowed you on Instagram…

Salam beautiful,

Since I started my healing journey, I’ve noticed how my screen time and my well-being strongly correlated with one another:

When I spend too much time on my phone, I feel moodier, low on energy, more overwhelmed and less spiritually connected. And don’t even get me started on how it affects my sleep and productivity!

On the other hand, the less time I spend on my phone, the more fulfilled and alive I feel.

Because I’ve known that for a while, I’ve made it a mission to be very intentional with how I use my devices (I even teach my clients how to do a digital detox to amplify their healing in my group coaching program).

One of the things I did that has worked like a charm to help me go from hours spent on Instagram to only 25 minutes per day is to unfollow almost EVERYONE!

I know it sounds categorical but it was weirdly satisfying to tap the unfollow button repeatedly.

Before that, I was following over 1500 accounts and my feed felt crowded and overwhelming.

I didn’t even remember why I was following most of the accounts but I would still waste hours scrolling through pictures of strangers’ lunch.

Now as soon as I open the app I am quickly reminded that there’s nothing new because I just see the same picture I saw last time I logged in.

My brain has understood that I won’t get a dopamine hit from Instagram anymore and therefore I leave pretty much as soon as I open the app unless I have something to post myself.

I shared this tip with the ladies in the Healed Sisterhood and they loved it so I thought I’d also let you know, in case you struggle with a bit of an addiction to social media.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you!

Take care of yourself,

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