7 tips that will get you started with journaling

So you’ve been trying to start journaling with consistency for ages but for some reason, you just can’t seem to maintain this powerful habit?

In today’s article I’m going to share 7 tips that will make journaling so easy and fun for you that you’ll want to do it everyday inchaAllah.


Tip 1

Let go of unrealistic expectations: you don’t have to do it everyday, it doesn’t have to look aesthetically pleasing, it doesn’t have to be insightful, deep, philosophic. This isn’t Bridget Jones or Carrie Bradshow’s diary, it’s you and your very real life and emotions, embrace the messiness of it all and it will actually become easier to do.

Tip 2

Don’t allow yourself to spiral into negativity and be drawn in by your emotions while journaling, always try to end your journaling practice with a positive thought otherwise you will hate the whole experience and will start associating it with something that brings pain. Remember, journaling isn’t there to make you dwell on the past but rather offer you a safe space to let things out AND see them from a brighter perspective.

Tip 3

Make it easy for yourself: put your journal somewhere you see it, set reminders, use an app if you don’t like writing on paper… Journaling, like any new habit you’ll try to implement, will take ffort at first. It’s just like going to the gym for the first time, you want to make sure that your environment works in your favour by doing your best to facilitate the process.

Tip 4

Create beautiful and appealing rituals around it, make it a self-care practice, light a candle, make it stimulating for your senses, get a journal that you love and even a beautiful pen to create excitement around this new habit. Some of us are very sensorial beings, if that’s you, use that in your advantage to turn this moment into a time with yourself that you truly cherish

Tips 5

Do it with other people: get your friends to journal too, share prompts, reflect together on your insights and hold each other accountable. And if you don’t have friends that you can envision yourself doing that with, it’s time to look for new friends with whom you can grow.

Tip 6

Get a journal that already has prompts in it: that can be a great way to get your started but also to get inspiration on different topics SHOW 99 names of Allah, Secrets of Divine Love

Tips 7

Follow accounts on your socials or subscribe to newsletter that remind you to journal and that create resources you can use to develop this incredible habit. This is me shamelessly plugging myself and the journaling resources that I offer here! I also have loads of Youtube videos to support you and I regularly post journaling prompts on my instagram page so make sure you follow my pages.

That’s it for now, all you have to do really is get started. I’d love to know in the comments below which tip spoke to you the most and what are you excited about the most when it comes to journaling!?


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