You can’t recall when it really started but you’ve been confused about who you are truly and what you want from this life for a while

You’ve rarely experienced letting out your emotions in a safe space without the fear of being judged and you don’t know where to find positive people who will understand you

Self-compassion? What is that even! You know how to love other people with all your heart but when it comes to yourself… It’s a different story!

Things seems so foggy in your head! Your negative thoughts often paralyse you. Sometimes you get momentum to change your mindset and start good habits but it never lasts!

Limiting beliefs, inner child work, shadow work, reprogramming the subconscious… You’ve heard about these terms but you have no idea how to actually put them into practice

Deep down within you, there is a fire burning. There’s that little voice who’s telling you not to give up because you deserve to be happy



The first self-paced online course that will teach you everything you need to know about healing and creating a life you love without compromising your islamic values. Make sure you read all the information before joining!

Program overview

This module is all about getting clear on the foundations.

You’ll learn:

  • What it means to be intentional
  • How to set strong intentions
  • How to use that to get closer to Allah
  • How to assess your current situation
  • How to practice mindfulness
  • How to do a dopamine detox

The focus will be on self-awareness and liberation from anything that’s holding you back

You’ll learn:

  • What are limiting beliefs
  • How to identify yours
  • How to eliminate them
  • How to journal efficiently
  • How to create an empowered version of you

You will start reconnecting with your inner child and reparenting yourself.

You’ll learn:

  • What is the inner child
  • How to reconnect with yours
  • How to reparent yourself
  • How to really forgive yourself and others
  • How to use creative play to heal

This module is about letting go of old negative patterns in your relationships.

You’ll learn:

  • What is attachment style theory
  • What is your attachment style 
  • How to be more secure and confident in your relationships
  • How to let go of anxious and avoidant behaviours 

This module will be about setting healthy boundaries with others and with yourself

You’ll learn:

  • Why you struggle to set boundaries
  • How to become the queen of healthy boundaries 
  • How to handle the guilt and fear that comes with setting boundaries
  • How to not be a people pleaser anymore

The month of creating a compelling future and bringing back ambition, passion and excitement into your life 

You’ll learn:

  • What’s truly important for you in life
  • How to realign with your values
  • How to get out of autopilot 
  • How to create an amazing life vision
  • How to reconnect with your divine purpose

For the clear roadmap

The course will give the exact steps to take, you won't have to guess what to do next to heal and feel at peace.


This course is normally worth 797$ but exceptionally, I am offering it to you at only 97$ per month and you can leave the Conscious Feminine Collective whenever you want.

For the easy to watch videos

You won't have to watch hours of content to get started, the course is created to be consumed EASILY. Most videos are 30 minutes and give you actionable steps to take straight.


Each module includes one or several bonus workshops that will bring incredible value to your life and accelerate your healing!

Meditation for beginners

Breathwork and hypnosis recordings

Mindfulness and Dopamine detox

The art of Forgiving

Life Assessment

Your Personal Legend

I’m a certified Life Coach who helps Muslim women love themselves, practice self-compassion and find peace within so they can reconnect with their Creator and their authentic selves.

I struggled with my self-esteem, confidence and spirituality for years until I discovered inner work and coaching. Working on healing within has been so life changing for me and my loved ones that I’ve decided to share what I’ve learnt with you.

I want you to experience the same kind of mindset shift I have so you can finally live purposefully and filled with contentment.

I have created this course after years of looking for something that would encompass everything I needed myself to heal and find inner peace. Up until today, I’ve never seen anything like what I’ve put together here!

I truly believe that nothing happens by mistake, there’s a reason you ended up on this page today. It’s time to shake things up and do something for yourself! 


You're Ready to take action

You’re ready to go all in, to do things differently, to learn and unlearn, to finally create a life of peace and joy. You won’t let anything stop you this time and you can feel it in your soul that this is the right thing to do


You believe in the power of investing in yourself

You understand that with big transformation and commitment comes an investment and you’re ready to step into a new version of yourself that doesn’t restrict herself from healing anymore because of a scarcity mindset


You will make time for inner work

You understand that the magic doesn’t only happen while watching the content, but you use the tools learned in your daily life and actively engage in the community. You are willing to try new things and dedicate a couple of hours to yourself to heal.


You have deep unhealed trauma

If you are still struggling with very deep wounds (domestic violence, sexual abuse, addictions. If you are not currently supported by a therapist/counsellor, you should start there. If you are in therapy at the moment, the Healed Sister Academy will be a great complimentary course to it.


you "don't have time"

We make time for what is important for us. If right now focusing on your healing isn’t at the top of your priorities, this course won’t be for you.


You don't want to invest money in your personal development

I struggled with my mental health for years and for years I repeated “I can’t afford getting help”. But every weekend I’d go shopping and would eat out several times a week. If this is truly something you want, you will create the resources.


You are not ready

Ready to hear things as they are, ready to let your emotions out, ready to stop blaming the rest of the world and take responsibility, ready to be compassionate with others and yourself and to move forward!

The course is part of our new community, the Conscious Feminine Collective. If you join now it is only 97$ per month and you will lock that price as long as you stay in it. CFC will officially open in June at a higher price.

The entire course content is available to you as soon as you join The Conscious Feminine Collective here.

Not at all! This course is open to women who are single, married, divorced… The focus is on healing and finding peace in general, not necessarily after a divorce.

I’m afraid most of the tools and concepts given are linked to Islam so this won’t be for you unless you’re looking to get to know more about our beautiful religion!

Absolutely, as long as you’re not struggling with deep trauma that requires immediate professional attention, the course will be a nice addition to your therapy session.

Yes! There will be sister joining form all over the world! All you need is an internet connection and a device to watch to videos.

There is no coaching or live calls in this course at the moment, it is fully self-paced.

Revive and Rise is my intimate group coaching programme. It only has 20 spots and is held live weekly. The framework followed is the same as this course but there is a community and hot seat coaching session in R&R, which is now closed.

No, this is a women only programme!