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Barakallahu Feekum Soumaya for giving me the push I needed, I remember you saying ‘we need to rejuvenate on a daily basis and maintaining that balance with work and family’ now i actually know myself what you meant and how fulfilling it can feel. I am very grateful for both our lovely coaches (soumaya and sumiya) and TTC, may Allah bless our journey

Me being a total newbie to marketing it was very beneficial in terms of the in-depth analysis given by Soumaya. That shows how knowledgable she is in this field. Cant wait to formulate my niche, learning about the ideal client was rather interesting. Overall a very inspiring session!

Got a response today from a prospective client saying she had been praying tahajjud for this, and it made me think back to session 1 with Soumaya when she said to be the answer to someones dua, and girls when i say my heart filled up with warmth, this career choice has already become so fulfilling Alhamdulillah

Alhamdulillah I have moved from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset though I have a long way to go Am embracing and enjoying this new me, who knows her boundaries is capable of taking action and can coach people and benefit them and myself together in this beautiful journey I would recommend this programme a 100 percent to a sister who is on the same page as me.

This path offers me the flexibility to work from anywhere I am. I was visiting my parents for a few weeks and was still able to conduct m coaching sessions, attend the lecture lives, and complete my homework as well. By keeping up my rituals they have become a part of my day to day life, I feel more connected to myself before sitting down with clients. It’s also been eye opening the way I am learning about myself when coaching different personality types.

Allah can make anything happen...

You can get the freedom and fulfilment you’re dreaming of in your professional AND your spiritual life

For the longest time I thought I had to follow society’s norms: get a degree, get a decent job, work relentlessly to climb ladders and make a decent living… Do that for a while until I can save enough and free myself from the prison that employment was for me. The thing I didn’t take into consideration was that following this plan only led me to feeling utterly miserable and disconnected from Allah.

So i decided to forget about the norms and go on a different path: one in which my job is fulfilling because I am of service to my brothers and sisters in faith, I get to practice my religion without compromise, my priorities are balanced between afterlife and dunya and I am more wealthy than when I was making my employer’s rich.

This path feels right and I don’t want to keep its benefits for myself. I want to see many more Muslims embrace the beauty of becoming trained life coaches! We need more Muslim practitioners around the world. The Ummah needs your skills and qualities. Why waste them?


Meet TTC Graduate Maram

“I have been able to draw closer to Allah since starting this program. It is a blessing that Allah guided me to join this program and learn from Soumaya. You will learn quickly that you are your first client, this was a gem I didn’t understand until I began literally coaching myself in the car on my way to run errands!”


How did you feel about starting your coaching business before TTC?

I did not feel as confident or capable enough to start my own coaching business as I am now. Alhamdulilah, being a part of a community of women that share the same passion gave me motivation and inspired me to become the coach that I am today.

What were your struggles before TTC?

My biggest struggle was overcoming my fear of rejection from clients that they wouldn’t see my work as valuable enough. I came to realize that identifying my ideal client helped attract the type of women I yearned to work with. Those types of women valued my work because Allah had willed for us to work together.

In addition, as a coach I had to overcome my own limiting beliefs that came up for me (this will be a constant as limiting beliefs will come up for everyone and you’ll have to work on them as they arise). 

Why did you choose TTC over other options?

I had been a part of the healed sister academy for over a year and I enjoyed doing the work on myself. Soumaya and her team were a big inspiration and being a part of the community while doing inner work was a great help. I deeply value the community of women that Soumaya has around her, there’s so much to learn from them.

I appreciated that there was an element of Islamic values woven into the big topics such as marketing and business. I was passionate about having a business that revolved around Islamic values that way it would keep me focused spiritually.

What made you happiest about this program?

Being able to speak with Soumaya directly through the support group and also through the Q&A segment at each session. She is a wonderful woman and has a plethora of resources. She was very generous in sharing her coaching and personal experiences with us as her students. The program was well designed in terms of the flow of modules and supporting resources (books, videos, etc.). I maintained focus throughout the program and the supporting homework exercises also allowed me to gradually build a better idea for the foundation of my business. I was also very happy to have had the chance to coach free clients, it allowed for trial and error until I got an idea of my ideal client. I stay energised and excited for my next sessions with them.  Soumaya also emphasised taking care of our well-being throughout the process (ex: self-care routines, rituals, and having compassion with ourselves). I appreciated that our wellbeing was at the forefront and not only was it about making money and building wealth. I would say overall the program allowed me to balance my feminine and masculine energy traits it felt like smooth sailing all the way through the end. 

What have you been able to achieve since you joined?

I have been able to draw closer to Allah since starting this program. It is a blessing that Allah guided me to join this program and learn from Soumaya. You will learn quickly that you are your first client, this was a gem I didn’t understand until I began literally coaching myself in the car on my way to run errands. I have become more self-aware as a coach and as a person working on herself. I am more in touch with my intuition, and I trust my judgment more. As a woman I listen to my body, rest when I need to and do the heavy lifting work when I have the energy to do it. Soumaya also encourages this principle of listening to our bodies and coming back to work when we I feel reenergized. I have achieved better boundaries in my personal life as well as in my coaching business, I do not shy away from saying no or negotiating for a win-win situation with others.  I overcame my fear of being seen on social media, I post more regularly, and I feel confident in the value I put out to the world. 

What’s the main reason you would recommend TTC?

The community of trainees and the trainers. I have never been a part of a community where women genuinely support each other with pure intentions and are happy to see you succeed. It helped keep going throughout the journey.

Follow Maram’s journey here

Hear from our trainees...

Meet Farah

Alhamdulilah as an aspiring coach, I’ve traversed various counselling and coaching programs in the past. However, my experience with TTC has been nothing short of remarkable. This is the best program for coaches that I have come across, that aligns with Islamic values. Let me share how TTC has elevated my coaching practice:

  • Practical Tools for Real Impact: TTC didn’t just offer theoretical knowledge—it equipped me with practical tools that I can immediately apply in my coaching sessions. These tools empower me to navigate complex vulnerability with EASE. Now, I guide my clients through their deepest fears, helping them find strength where they thought none existed.
  • Boundary Setting and Personal Mastery: TTC emphasized the importance of boundary setting. As a coach, I’ve learned to maintain a delicate balance—being present for my clients while safeguarding my own well-being. Additionally, my personal skills have undergone significant improvement. Active listening, empathy, and intuition are now my strengths in creating impactful coaching sessions.
  • Transforming Client Journeys:  with these newfound skills, I’m confident to transform my clients’ journeys. Their struggles become stepping stones, and their vulnerabilities fuel growth. Whether it’s decision-making, goal-setting, or overcoming obstacles, I’m there to guide them toward their best selves.

Results Speak Louder!! Mashallah Tabarakallah clients report noticeable progress in managing vulnerabilities. My coaching sessions are marked by authenticity and sincerity with Allah’s help. The journey of my customers is now more purposeful and impactful. Follow my coaching journey on instagram @EmpowerHerIslamically. Let’s empower each other to thrive!

It has been amazing. I didn't even realise that there was a whole world of marketing out there, and it's not actually as scary as I thought to get started to put yourself out there. This module has really given me and the other sisters so much confidence and knowledge. In the beginning I didn't even know where to get started and it felt like a scary task, but Alhumdulilah as I've gone through the sessions each week, I have slowly started to try new things and build my confidence up. It's also amazing to see other sisters doing the same, it's so motivating and having Soumaya to support and encourage us throughout is so precious. I would definitely recommend it to another sister, it's a must!


"The value of this program is truly appreciated. May Allah bless Soumaya for all the efforts and resources she us sharing"


Meet TTC Graduate Nazish

So many things have exceeded my expectations – Soumaya is a giver. May Allah swt reward her for all the bonus documents, the marketing and sales strategy. Especially the sales strategies. Everything is provided in so much depth.

In the beginning I was very nervous. There were self doubts and imposter syndrome. But I loved how the first module was all about overcoming mental blocks and eliminating liming beliefs. This gave me a boost of confidence that I can do it. Moreover, being the dua of someone prayers, being of service to ummah, is an incredible feeling that I can’t put in words. Knowing the statistics of how many Muslims needed this gave me the desire to give my best.

My biggest struggle was going into action. The fear of people judging, commenting, fear of not being good enough- all of them stopped me from implementing action. I loved how TTC is all about action in the second module.

The practice sessions were so beneficial that the nervousness to coach a new client almost disappeared. The team and trainees within were holding me accountable for actions taken or not- which made me a goal getter.

The framework was in depth.
The program was made such that you had an intrinsic motivation to keep going: the challenge of getting 40 feedback forms, the group presentation challenge… All that sounds legit to boost the confidence and see the difference in me.

The slogan “be the answer to someone’s dua” touched my heart.
Moreover I knew Soumaya from The Thriving Sister. And she is a giver. I knew she will provide everything that she could to make sure we are successful.

The community made me the happiest in this program as well as coaching for free and practicing with real clients and real issues.

The bonus resources too. All the books that were read and then recommended so we can make most out of the right books.

Alhamdulillah I got my confidence back.
I became more empathetic. I am a better Listener. I am more grateful to Allah swt. I now have a purpose and setting goals and living an intentional life everyday makes me feel I am filling my cup too. I overcome my fears of being judged and now have my business page on Instagram.

I would recommend TTC simply for how the program is designed. It’s perfect. It got you fully covered.

Follow Nazish’s journey here

If there is something in you, telling you, you need or want to be coach - take the leap. The ummah will thank you for it, Allah will reward you for taking this step. Taking this step with The Healed Sister and with their The Thriving Coach programme will be the best decision you will make for your personal growth and to kickstart your career as a coach as well, InshAllah. As I am writing this, I am thinking which of the benefits I should tell you more about: about the impact it will have on you? About the shifts in your mindset - finally overcoming what stops you? Should I tell you more about the beautiful coaching methods, insights and practices? Or the marketing hacks? Whyever you're doubting taking a step - pray on it. Tie your camel. Follow your intuition. Mine took me to TTC. And I am beyond grateful for this.

We're with you the whole way

When you join The Thriving Coach you also get to work with qualified coaches and therapists who want to see you thrive and who will hold you accountable so you reach your goals.

This isn’t just a training, it’s a family and community that will support your professional and spiritual growth! You even get access to a free Alumni group after the program to keep in touch with your fellow trainees and connect with other TTC graduates.

More Success Stories...

I would definitely recommend TTC. I feel like it’s helping me in challenging myself and getting out there to practise coaching. I loved the sample questions and templates we have been given. It’s very generous of Soumaya to be provided with such support. Also the sample coaching videos will be very helpful in shaa Allah. I haven’t watched them all yet. – Suraya

I have delved deeper into active listening and being comfortable with staying quiet. These two skills have immensely helped me not only during coaching but also in my daily life. Also, the practice sessions with the other lovely sisters have been so impactful, they just know how to hit the nail, Allahumma bareek. – Irem

Alhamdulilah with the sessions I’ve managed to follow so far it’s boosted my confidence in my coaching calls because I feel like it’s someone holding your hand through the process. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to start coaching – Aqsa

Yes alhamdullilah would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to help other women. We all have struggles within and many of these are from similar core beliefs. – Rumaanah

Yes definitely. The sisterhood and network of coaches is precious, the accountability and being coached by such a powerful coach like soumaya is very valuable and a strong push – Kafia

I have become more productive and can really visualise my future being one of fulfilment and enjoyment Alhamdulillah. I would 100% recommend this course to other sisters. – Aneela

being more aware of myself even tho this coaching program is to help others. i feel like i learned more about who i am. deff would recommend. – Henna

Program covers a lot ma sha Allah. I don’t feel that it needs more. It’s important that we also do the work. I didn’t expect that everything would be presented on a silver plate. That wouldn’t be beneficial at all. For me the program is perfect – Adna

I am learning a lot about myself through coaching others, relating to others stories alhamdullilah which is helping me heal also. I would recommend TTC to any sister wanting to make a difference to the ummah and our sisters with their personal struggles – Rumaanah

I have become so much more confident and have truly started to see how much benefit becoming a coach can bring to the Ummah. I can really relate to the content and don’t feel like I have to hide parts of myself as a coach as my experiences allow clients to connect with me on a deeper level – Hena

Meet TTC Gradutate Aisha

Before TTC, starting my own business looked hard and impossible.
After realising the importance of becoming independent I wanted to start but I didn’t have any idea of where to start.

I didn’t believe I could do it and be successful at finding profitable business niche, an audience plus… I had a lot of anxiety and fears around failure.

I chose TTC because of its simplicity, I related to Soumaya because she started from zero and has a successful business now and above all the spiritual perspective when it comes to wealth.

What I really enjoyed about this program was the supportive community, having sisters that are passionate about their career journey, motivating, hardworking, eager to help each other, pushing each other to do their best, coaching each other. It pushed me to do what I thought I could not do.

After joining TTC, I:

  • became mentally stronger
  • built self-confidence and belief
  • build a strong trust to Allah (swt)
  • worked on my scarcity mindset
  • learnt ways to tackle and challenge my fears and doubts (which were really holding me back for years)
  • enjoyed feeling the discomfort that comes when getting out of my comfort zone
  • overcame a lot of limiting beliefs about wealth and success
  • developed discipline
    coached women with their struggles which in turn helped me in make the most out my time (I deleted my social media apps)
  • developped healthy habits and routines
  • took my self care seriously
  • my knowledge increased a lot because of starting the habit of reading amazing books
  • was able to find clients to coach and practice the skills

The support, the encouragement, the monthly check in, the environment where every question is valid… all these have exceeded my expectations.

Follow Aisha’s journey here

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We will start the 16th of April 2024 inshaAllah.

All the sessions are recorded and you get access to the recordings for life!

We are in the process of receiving a CPD accreditation and should receive it before the start of this cohort inshaAllah.

Yes! We know how much the Ummah needs male practionners and we recognise that all the tools we provide are adapted to both men and women so we are happy to have male trainees.

Regular Price: £3000 GBP (Approx. $3800 USD)

  • Payment Plan: Spread the investment conveniently over 4 monthly installments of £750 GBP (Approx. $950 USD) each.

Early Bird Special for the first 13 people who join!

  • Early Bird Price: £2500 GBP (Approx. $3150 USD)

  • Early Bird Payment Plan: Secure your spot now with 4 monthly installments of only £625 GBP (Approx. $788 USD) each!

The program last 15 weeks so we should be done around June/July. After that you will be added to a FREE TTC Alumni group and will have life time access to the content of your cohort.

The deadline to submit your assessment material is 6 months after the end of your cohort which gives you plenty of time.

Some programs make big promises like “I’ll show you how to make 10k per month in 3 months!”, at TTC we’re all about growing halal wealth but we’re not going to pretend like our focus is on getting filthy rich. It’s on making a big impact while living making enough money to adopt the lifestyle you want. Allah is in charge of distributing your wealth, I’m not. I will give you the tools that allow me to make 5 figures when I launch my program and live a comfortable life but I won’t make empty promises with big numbers that don’t mean anything. If you care more about your legacy than your bank account, you are in the right place, Otherwise I wish you all the best and I’m sure you will find the right program for you!

You can book a call with a member of our team here to get your questions answered.

Absolutely! At THS we focus on Life coaching and personal development and we will give you tools that you can use in EVERY niche you decide to choose fro yourself.