What I’ve learned this weekend…

Salam beautiful!

How was your weekend? Mine was filled with insights. I went to an event organized by Seekers Guidance alhamdullilah. There were some great speakers and what they shared really got me thinking about how I can better myself as a muslimah.

I wanted to share some of my notes with you today so you can benefit too inchaAllah.

Sheykh Hisham A. Hellyer on keeping good company:

  • Seclusion and isolation from others has its benefits but it has its limits too. Being around people can be difficult sometimes, especially when they test your patience, but how will we better ourselves if we don’t learn how to be around others, choose good company and help others?
  • The best way to socialise is to choose good companionship, to be amongst scholars and people who will share valuable knowledge about the deen with us so we can get inspiration from their good character and thrive to be amongst the best too.

Sheikha Iesha Prime on creating community:

  • The Prophet, pbuh, never kicked anyone out of his community because of their sins. He always made space in the masjid for people who were judged as being sinners (the companion who used to drink alcohol and show up to prayer drunk for example). Let’s learn from him by being more tolerant and welcoming to those who struggle with their spiritual practice.
  • Building a strong community means accepting everyone as they are and allowing them to grow by providing compassion and accountability

Sheikh Dr Asim Yusuf on seeking knowledge:

  • Knowledge is not just information, it is light that will revive your heart if you seek it for Allah’s pleasure. This journey of learning more about the deen is about transformation and growth, not about accumulating knowledge.
  • Knowledge and good companionship come together, you can’t have one without the other.

That’s the gist of my notes! This morning I journaled about how those points applied to me and what I can start working on to please Allah and get closer to Him.

One of those actions was to register for a course with Seekers Guidance. All the courses they offer online are free! May Allah reward the whole team for making knowledge accessible to all.

Check them out if you’re interested in learning Arabic, deepening your connection to the Quran and learning the foundations of our beautiful religion.

That’s it for today my love, I pray your day is full of light and joy, take care!


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