When it comes to boundaries, no one talks about this…


I’ve noticed that people talk a lot about setting healthy boundaries with others but very rarely you’ll hear about the concept of boundaries with the self.

What is that about now?

Think about it, if setting boundaries with people is about them respecting your limits, what about YOU respecting your own limits?

Do you give your mind, soul and body the time and nutrition they require? Do you fulfil your needs consistently? Do you respect yourself with care and love? Do you know how to rest when tired?

Or are you the kind of person who will easily skip a meal, hold your pee forever because you’re too focused on work and always stay up late scrolling although you’re exhausted?

Setting boundaries with others will be a major struggle if you haven’t started with yourself first.

Obviously, I’m telling you that because I went through it. I used to disrespect myself in many different ways.

In fact, today I am celebrating 2 years of sobriety. Yes. you read that right, I used to have an addiction to alcohol, amongst other drugs, during my darkest days. It’s almost like I made it a point to slowly harm myself with bad habits: bad company, bad food, bad sleep…

I wasn’t able to set boundaries with others until I defined clear rules for myself and started respecting them!

How do you expect others to respect you if you don’t respect yourself?

I invite you to think about it.

In what ways are you disrespecting yourself?

What new rules do you want to put in place for yourself?

How will you make sure you respect them?

That’s it for today beautiful,


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